Beaded Mermaid Necklace

Recently, I have noticed that my eyes are naturally drawn to things that are “unicorn” or “mermaid” inspired. The reason for this may be due to the bright colors, or the sparkle associated with each term. Someone I know mentioned how we, as human beings, are drawn to sparkly things because water “sparkles,” and water is an essential part of life.
CONCLUSION: sparkle is life.

To gauge this thirst, I decided to focus on the mermaid aspect of myself.

We will get to unicorns later- don’t you worry.

Did I mention the website I find myself drawn to the crafting aspect of each individual artist. This weeks inspiration comes from the shop, BellaAnelaJewelry for her gold mermaid necklaces.

mermaid necklace.PNG

  Listing for necklace is found HERE


Now, Angela, the creator of the above necklace, uses gold, various gemstones, glitter, metallic flakes, and sterling silver for her work. It is therefore much more expensive as it takes nicer materials to produce. For this recreation, we will use junk easy-to-find material, such as gauge wire.

You will need:

  • 16 gauge wire
  • 26 gauge wire
  • Wire pliers & cutter
  • Seed beads of your choice
  • 1 pearl bead or starfish looking charm (optional)

Let’s Dive Right In!


1. Create a mermaid fin drawing on a piece of paper (should be around 2 inches tall).


2. Use 16 gauge wire (about a 9 inch piece) and shape it around your drawing.


3. Keep forming the fin (I find using wire pliers will help with sharp curves).


4. Close enough! Tie the extra wire around the top to secure it in place.


5. You will have a bit of wire left at the top to twist into a clasp at the end. Go ahead and start beading on the seed beads using the 26 gauge wire.


6. Wrap the wire 3 times around each time you reach a side. I started stringing beads one “row” at a time until I reached the bottom “fins.” Then I did each side individually.


7. Finished! Just cut the extra hanging wire pieces around the edges. (I also added a “pearl,” but it is not necessary).


9. Put it on any size necklace you wish (I used a chain from another necklace).


  1. Use about 9 inches for the 16 gauge wire-fin outline. This will create a 2 inch fin and give you some extra to mess around with for the top. The twists in the outline of the fin take some extra wire.
  2. Use a long-long-long-long piece of 26 gauge wire for stringing the beads, unless you want to keep cutting more wire and stringing it on as you go.
    • Although you need to string on new pieces when you get to the individual fin sides, having a long piece isn’t going to hurt you. If you have a long piece of extra, you can always use it later.
  3. As you can see from the picture, I did not take my time pressing down all of the side wires. If you want a cleaner piece, be sure to strongly pull the wire on the side.



Easy, and it came out beautiful! I had no problem with this project. The beads are always a little tricky to pick up, but nothing too terrible. Also, the 26 gauge wire was hard to see, so sometimes I wrapped it around the wrong thing, which made for immediate problems with immediate solutions. Again, nothing more than a slight inconvenience.


Again, I had everything I needed for this project, so, for me, the price was free (you can’t beat that)! If you don’t have any of the materials, this will set you back about $20.00-$30.00 depending on where you go, but you should have enough supplies to make multiple necklaces.


This project came out so beautiful, I can’t wait to wear it around for the summer! Now I may live out my mermaid dreams in peace.

Happy twiddling~


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