Majora’s Mask Time Piece

This crafting treat comes to you from the popular video game Zelda, specifically Majora’s Mask.

(Top to Bottom: my clock, the clock from Zelda, Majora’s Mask, the clock from the Otaku Crafts)



otaku crafts
I picked up this idea from Otaku Crafts.

It is a wonderful webpage with geeky crafting ideas galore. Please head that direction for further instructions on this project, as well as other easy to follow crafts.

“You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”
majoras mask

In Majora’s Mask, you are the hero, Link, sent to stop the moon from falling in three days. In this game, you are constantly reminded of time, traveling from first, to second, to third day over and over, until you succeed. The clock is an essential piece through the game play and makes a wonderful gift for any fan of the game.

The webpage says they base their design off a 10 inch clock, but you may size it based off the template they provide.

Personally, I used the 10 inch template, as I bought the wood clock and corresponding time attachment from Michael’s Craft Store. It was not exactly 10 inches (more like 11 inches or so), but it still worked out in the end.

The site also says to use a blending tortillion, as you are using pencil to race the design. If you use ink, I believe you may use a credit card to transfer the design to the wood, and it may be faster (I used the tortillion because I had some, but let me know if anyone tries the credit card method).

I used sharpies to color my design, except the white circles; those I painted with white acrylic. If you want a stronger, more prominent color, I would use acrylic paint. I recommend using the paint on the white circles and the blue side circles to make the design “pop.”

I did not use a sealer to coat the top (as it was a last minute gift idea). It has been about three months and the colors of the clock have stayed very well. Still, if you have time to wait a couple of days for the sharpie to fully dry, then you may use a Mod-podge sealer to keep the design perfect.

Inserting the clock mechanism was easy, as there is a guide with step-by-step instructions. The only problem here is my wooden clock was extremely thick. The back of the mechanism is sticking out extremely far, and there is a tilt when it hangs on your wall. My sister did not care about the tilt, so I left it as is. If you wish to fix this, you may need to sand down or cut out a piece in the back, so the mechanism will nest into a flatter surface.

Overall, this project was pretty easy considering I know nothing about clock mechanics.

If you know of any other clocks in movies or video games, you may easily re-create a version of it using this idea from Otaku Crafts.

Happy twiddling~



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