‘Beading’ Around the Bush

One day, in the magical land of niece-town, a little girl named Clara was strolling around her Aunt’s house. She wanted to become a princess, so she put on a fancy dress and shoes. She danced and sang, but soon realized her outfit was not glorious enough to be considered ‘true princess attire;’ it needed something sparkly. She crept upstairs, to her Aunts magical dresser, and decided to try on every bracelet within reach. However, each bracelet she placed slid off and fell to the floor. Upset, Clara put everything back in its proper place, as it was too small for her tiny wrists.

BUT- unbeknownst to Clara, the Aunt saw her sneak upstairs with her spying, mirrored eye-glasses. Looking at each bracelet in its proper place, the Aunt was not mad. She saw that the little girl was not only a princess in attire, but also in action. Without hesitation, the Aunt cut and threaded a special bracelet out of pink beads and glittery butterflies. When the niece saw the bracelet, she was in awe.  “It fits! It fits!” she exclaimed. She paused for a moment, and turned inquisitively toward the Aunt. “But how did you get it to fit my small wrists?” she asked. “Well my dear,” said the Aunt, “it just took a little stretch.”

What was my point?


Beading a stretch bracelet is something quick and, honestly speaking, relaxing… unless you drop your beads on the ground. Then it’s infuriating trying to find those tiny suckers in the carpet.

Okay, time to stop ‘beading’ around the bush… wow that was terrible... let’s get to it!



I made all of these myself

You will need:

  • Stretch Magic elastic
    *They come in all sizes, but 0.7mm will work for about any size bead. If you are working with larger beads, go for a 1mm elastic)
  • Beads (your choice)

That’s it! No joke!
(Told you it was simple).

Normally, I try to pick a theme when I am making stretch bracelets, as I always make multiple bracelets at a time. For example, you may go with a fire theme, making one bracelet brown seed beads, representing the wood of the fire; another red and orange beads, representing the fire, and perhaps a blue, representing the fires heart. Another idea is to make a character stretch bracelet. Use a character’s hair and clothing as inspiration for a unique design.

For this example, I decided to pick a design based off Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6.


  1. To start, figure out what size elastic you need. Normal to seed bead, use a 0.7mm elastic. If it is a larger bead, use the 1mm elastic.
  2. Pull the stretch material and wrap it loosely over your wrist. Leave 1 to 2 inches extra. “Why not measure your wrist exactly?” I’m glad you asked! My wrist is about 7.25 inches, but if I cut my stretch band to my wrist length, I would have no leeway to tie the stretch band together. I would only have enough elastic to put the beads on, realize I have to take them all off, and cry on the inside. Don’t do that- leave some room- your crafting thumbs will thank you.
  3. Line up your beads in the order you want to place them on your stretch bracelet. I use a ruler as I assemble my design so the beads won’t dance around, and I can see when I reach the 7.25 inch marker. Clever girl.
    *If you are using seed beads, you don’t need to pick what order you want them in because they are too similar to care. Just string these on until you get your desired length.
  4. Time to bead! String those jewels onto your stretch band. Tie off to complete the bracelet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tie my bracelets about three times to secure. You may also use glue on the knots you tied to further enforce the bracelet, but I don’t use glue and have never had a bracelet break on me(knock-on-wood). I have had a couple bands break during the tying process, as I pull incredibly tight to ensure maximum lock-age. Still, nothing another stretch band can’t fix.

These little bracelets are quick, and so simple. They are great gifts for friends, sisters, nieces, etc. Even kids can do this one! Although, I’d keep those tiny beads away from kids who can’t avoid eating everything in sight. #chokinghazard

SUPER INEXPENSIVE! Cost will be of the Stretch Magic and beads you buy. Many craft stores have sales too.

Once you start, it’s hard to stop, so try not to plan anything around your beading time:
Friends: Hey, let’s hang out!
Friends: ………. we’ll hang out later.

Happy Twiddling~


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