Bohemian Feathers

Summer truly makes me feel easy-going. Kids playing, pool parties, holiday events, watermelon and pineapple. Summer!

When it comes to summer style, I love the idea of simple and casual. Nothing too drastic, but something fun and easy-going. So what comes to mind?

Feathers definitely give the feeling of freedom, sky and relaxation. The bohemian look has been a popular trend, so to get everyone excited for summer, let’s try a bohemian DIY.



You will need:

  • Feathers (of your choice and color, but I used THISALSO THIS)
  • Chain OR chord (of your choice and color, but I used THIS)
  • Chord end caps (HERE)
  • Jump rings (various sizes)
  • Wire cutters & jewelry pliers
  • Hair clips/bobby pins OR earring (dangle) backing
    • OPTIONAL: Large beads for decorating

I decided to go with some brown and white feathers because I’m boring…
… just kidding, I’m pretty awesome! But in all seriousness, I wanted a neutral, bohemian look, so the browns were perfect. Feel free to experiment with all types of feathers and colors; it will only add to your project. If you want a more neutral look, go with the warm undertones, like I did.

  1. Start by grabbing your chain and snipping it down to your longest desired length. I wanted a long hair feather, so I decided on 12 inches for the longest piece.
  2. Grab the feathers you want for the lowest level of your chain and group them together.
  3. Cramp the cord end cap onto the feathers to group them.
  4. Add your jump chain (any size, your choice) to the chord end cap and attach it to the bottom of the chain. We shall call the 12 inch chain with attached feathers ‘A.’
    *Option to add a bead to the chain or top of the feathers here*
  5. Cut another chain piece (3 inches approximately)
  6. Pick some feathers again and repeat steps 3 & 4.
  7. Attach these to the 3 inch chain. This is ‘B.’
  8. Grab some more feathers and crimp on the chord end cap. This is ‘C’
  9. To ‘C’, attach a large jump ring and place the ‘B’ chain through the jump ring as well. (‘C’ on top. ‘B’ on bottom).
  10. Attach the ‘C’ & ‘B’ combination to the ‘A’ chord wherever you wish to have them align and close the jump ring. You should now have your full length hair clip.
  11. Grab another large jump ring (the largest) and attach it to the top of your full length chain.
  12. Continue to attach the jump chain onto the center of the snap clip and close shut.

FINISHED! You now have a marvelous hair clip.
If you wish to do an earring, it is exactly the same, only with the earring backing. Just attach the chain to the earring dangle and twist the wiring to lock it in place.


This is a harder project depending on the feathers you get, etc. Sometimes they slip out of the end caps if not properly pushed down. Also, the thickness at the top of my feathers was annoying and had to be cut once attached to the end caps. Still, I can’t hate this project. Feathers flowing through the hair feels super-fun.

Again, I already had a lot of these materials, so the cost wasn’t a big deal.
BUT- if you need everything on the list, we’re talking around $20-25 for the project excluding the tools.

REMEMBER- this project makes a lot of clips!  Think about cost vs. amount.

PLUS, who doesn’t want to feel like this?


Happy twiddling~


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