A Tip We Should Remember

I recall an outing at a restaurant some time last year. We had an easy-going meal, but the waitress whom was serving us seemed to be having a tough time. She was undeniably friendly, but tired and preoccupied. When the bill arrived at our table, we came to a realization that we had less money than anticipated. While friends were trying to figure out where we were short, I decided to twiddle a bit. I took another dollar from my wallet and folded it into a paper origami heart. Finally, all was settled with the bill and we left-


I decided to leave the heart as an extra courtesy to our waitress. Not two minutes after walking outside the restaurant, the waitress came bolting out the door like a firework. She called out, holding up the money heart and beaming a huge smile. I could tell with just that simple thing, I had made her day a little brighter.

Since smiles are always worth the share, let’s begin our tutorial:

Now, if you are new to money folding, you may want to start with a 6in by 2.5in dollar-shape rectangle.



Congrats! Now you too may impress your waiter/waitress.

Although, I can’t promise they will not unfold it immediately! Still, isn’t that extra effort worth a smile?

Happy twiddling~


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